The character KALINGA has own the award in my disguise: Akash

He has his own ideology and thoughts. He is the heartthrob of many. With distinct look and dynamic acting skills he has possess many hearts. With a collection of six movies already in his pocket and recently felicitated with Best Actor award for his unveiling movie Kalinga Putra, Akash Dasnayak is surely the new face of Oriya film industry. In a stint of few movies, he has certainly evoked new expectations amongst Oriya audience and the spell is sure to grow wider. A charming and friendly personality by nature, find out what Akash Dasnayak is like in real as OrissaDiary.com Assistant Editor Ananta Prasad gets candid with him.
Orissadiary: Congratulations for Best Actor award in State Film Award for your first movie. Please Share your experience.
Akash: Thanks You. I am feeling like blessed as I won in my debutant movie. Best Actor in state film award is definitely a big achievement and my happiness doubles as it’s my first movie. I would like to thank all such people who appreciated my movie and for them only now onwards I am more dedicated to work more professionally and with more lively acting.

Orissadiary: What was your character in Kalinga Putra and with that what resemblance do you feel in your real life?
Akash: The Central Character in Kalingaputra movie was Kalinga, an honest corp. I was very much into that character Kalinga which has most resemblance with Akash in real life. I too don’t like corrouption and mall practice in reality. I have been there with the Anna Hazare movement in Odisha. I am much stick to my principles unlike Kalinga in Kalinga Putra. I would say rather that Kalinga won the State Film award in the disguise of Akash.
Orissadiary: What was your treasured remembrance in the Movie Kalinga Putra?
Akash: It was for the first time I was facing Camera so was very conscious within me. My first short was so long the dialogs as well. I was simply thrilled as the shot was ok in first take. In another scene of stick fight I got some injuries but it was perfect with just one day prior training for the fight.
Orissadiary: How was your chemistry with the actress in Kalingaputra as it was your debue movie?
Akash: Rali nanda was my co-star in Kalingaputra. She also won the State film award in best Actress category. The similarity with us was that we both were new and were very co-operative. I also thank her for her support and it was our combine effort that people liked us.
Orissadiary: How do you feel when you see the first day first show of your own movie?
Akash: There is something special when you watch your movie first day first show with larger audience, lots of applause, compliments and comments too. The experience is something inimitable and I enjoy this every time. Though virtually we see the whole movie before it comes to cinema hall still I never miss the chance of enjoying the first show with positive audience; the decisive adjudicators of a movie.
Orissadiary: Before signing for any movie how you make up your mind?
Akash: The most imperative things I stress upon are the Character, Story and Director of the movie. All these three ingredients carries lot of weight and the success of the movie mostly depend on these aspects.
Orissadiary: Which locations you prefer for shooting both in and out of Odisha?
Akash: Yes. I love shooting both in Odisha and outside Odisha. I love the place Chandragiri in Gajapati District where my upcoming movie Raju Awara has been shooted. But my all time favorite place in Manali. The scenic beauties of this place make me fell comfort while taking shots. Most of the part of the movie Asibu Kebe Saji Mo Rani was being shooted in my hometown Jajpur and hat place is also very close to my heart. More or less I like to give my hundred percent in acting no matter which location it is.

Orissadiary: Which was your best character amongst all of your movies?
It’s quite a difficult task to choose the best one. In fact I have enjoyed all my characters to the maximum extent. I remember the character of Ayush in Alo Mora Kandhei was something special and I am very much nostalgic for that character. The Kalinga character is verymuch similar to real life Akash. In a nutshell I have tried my best to make all characters in my movies more lively.
Orissadiary: Do you think the level of Odia Cinema is deteriorating gradually?
Akash: No. There may be some opinions like this. But what I think is that Odia Cine Industry needs more professionalism right now. There has been considerable business in comparison to before. But still we lack in good quality cinema halls. More business and budget is also required for research on different stories. Implementation new technology will also improvise the level of Odia movie. As far as story angle is concern there is still a dearth of good concepts and I wish that will not be a issue in future.

Orissadiary: If you will get a chance to act in an Odia Art Movies, will you accept?
Akash: Yes. Of course. I do have a strong desire to work in an odia art movie. Though there are few movies in this category are being made still I will love to work in such types of movies. There are lots of good directors in odisha who specialize in art movies. Lots of national award winning movies are there in odia. In future if I get a chance to act in such a movie I will not step back.
Orissadiary: Who inspired you the most throughout your life?
Akash: My father & Mother are my first teacher, instructor, friend and philosopher. I have learned the ethical values of life from my father where as my mother has taught me how to be social. My aunt veteran actress Anita Dash has inspired me a lot in acting. I could never forget the support and guidance of Bijay Mohanty, Mihir dash and all in shooting sets. Apart from I have learned a lot from my directors in different movies like Sudhansu Sahoo, Chandi Parija and others.
Orissadiary: Do you believe in God?
Akash: Yes I do believe in God. I am a strong devotee of Lord Jagannath and Siridi Sai baba. Today my existence I believe is only because of the blessings of lord Jagannath, the almighty.
Orissadiary: What is your definition for Love?
Akash: For me love has a vast meaning. Love gives meaning to life. Without love no life exists. Love in a broader sense the other form of sacrifice. No creature exists in this universe without being in love.
Orissadiary: As you belong to a Political Family; do you have any planning to join Politics in future?
Akash: Not Sure. I have not made up my mind for Politics yet. But I can assure that I will be with people forever. I am more social in nature rather than political. I will carry an image of being a social worker till my last breath.
Orissadiary: Akash & Acting. Is there any difference?
Akash: Yes there is only difference of letters. But in fact I am keen and associated with the actor inside me. I can’t think of anything rather than acting. Apart from all ancillary what I do acting is like my breath. So you will find Akash Dasnayak always as an actor.